Rock the Feast


As everyone know the Feast is more than food. There’s fantastic art and amazing music too. We would like to give up and coming local …
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Tickets on sale


Hate queues? We do our best to keep them short but if you want to avoid a queue at the ticket booth you can buy …
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Fire and light


Get ready to trip the light fantastic when we celebrate the centenary of the birth of Dylan Thomas with a water-borne display of fire and …
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The Conwy Feast!


Love art? Love food? This year we will be combining both in a delicious banquet of art created by the people of Conwy. This arty …
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Feast News


No dogs, please!

We at the Feast love dogs, we really do. Especially this one. Badger is one of our favourites. It’s just that we don’t love dogs …
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